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Compliance Officer

Finance Bruxelles 37.5 heures Tijdelijk MA Master

international networking organization


The Compliance Officer will provide support to the Legal Officer and the Financial Controller, to ensure that the company complies with:
Outside regulatory requirements (EU regulations)
Internal policies (CSO documents, Vademecum, internal documents)
Ensure that the organisation has internal controls that adequately measures and manage the risks it faces.
Procurement law: tasks of the Compliance Officer will imply assistance in the preparation (notably administrative), analysis and assessment of tenders, bids and proposals.
Data Protection law: tasks of the Compliance Officer will imply assistance in the follow-up of tasks required in the framework of GDPR implementation

The main responsibilities will be:

Supporting the Legal Officer with the preparation, analysis and assessment of tenders, bids and proposals
Writing administrative part of call for tenders
Helping with the preparation of technical specifications for call for tenders
Prepare and maintain purchasing records, reports and price lists
Working with internal and external stakeholders to define procurement needs, quality and delivery requirements

Financial compliance:
Assessing financial risks and creating a plan to handle those potential issues
Providing regular reports on the effectiveness of a business’s compliance measures
Suggesting any actions or changes that should be implemented
Review and update compliance standards to ensure continuity of financial services.
Ensure all activities follow finance, accounting, internal and external regulatory standards.
Conducting special studies related to financial quality improvements when required.

Data Protection:
To assist in administration tasks in general and for example (without being exhaustive):
Ensure all queries are addressed from data subjects within legal timeframes (e.g. delete their information from the company databases)
To identify and assist in evaluating the company’s data processing activities
Assist in conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
Monitor data management procedures and compliance within the company
Assist in writing and updating detailed guides on data protection policies
Assist in performing audits

Le profil

Minimum Bachelor degree in law or Business Administration
Minimum 2 to 3 years’ experience in Compliance
High standard of spoken and written English, AND French OR Dutch
Good knowledge of Belgian procurement procedures and experience working with e-procurement tools (e-notification, e-tendering);
Good knowledge of data protection law (GDPR) and experience in data protection process (Register of data processings, DPIA, data breaches assessment);


Viavera Recruitment is a company specialized in the selection and recruitment of (higher) educated candidates. We provide mostly permanent and sporadic temporary assignments with and for our customers. Our offices are strategically located in the major cities (Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, Leuven and Zaventem). This allows us to appeal to both candidates and companies from a wider region. What differentiates us from most of the other recruitment agencies is that the candidate is our First “Point of Interest” The interview is a two-way street, which allows us to get a more profound view on the values, the personality, the expectations and the motivation of our candidate. The job offering is however not the end of the road, we also provide HR advice/services to our customers and career advice to our candidates.

La Propostion

a temporary mission until 30/04/2021, could be renewed
being part of an international and innovative organization
a good accessibility by public transports

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